How to Buy

How to buy $CPOO

1. Download Trust Wallet

Download the Trust Wallet app, it is the most secure cryptowallet (MetaMask with BSC connected is a safe alternative). You can directly add $CPOO to your MetaMask below. Make sure to safely store your seed phrase.

2. Add BNB to your wallet

Purchase BNB through the app. These BNB coins will be used to purchase $CPOO on the Binance Smart chain.

3. Go to Pancakeswap through DApps tab

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap BNB with BSC tokens like $CPOO. iPhone users must first enable trust browser to access the DApps tab (details below).

4. Swap BNB for $CPOO

Click ‘Select a Currency’ and enter the $CPOO contract address (found below). We recommend putting your slippage to 12% and using zeros as your ending integers. Slippage may need to be raised in the event of transaction failure.

Contract address


Adding BNB to Metamask

BNB is the currency used to purchase $CPOO. You will need to have BNB ready in your Metamask to participate in the presale. To transact BNB, you need to add the Smart Chain Network to your wallet. 

Click the link below for more information or watch our video for more detailed instructions.

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