20M $CPOO Giveaway


It's time to flex your meme-making abilities and win some $CPOO!

We will be hosting the competition on our Discord server; to enter you simply join the chat with some hot and steamy Cockapoo inspired meme content! (Make sure to use our "Meme Contest" channel).

The contest will begin on Thursday, June 10th and entries will be closed on Sunday, June 13th at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be selected by the community and announced on Monday.

Below you can find Cockapoo content and memes to assist in your content creation! Good Luck!


10 Million $CPOO Tokens

7 Million $CPOO Tokens

3 Million $CPOO Tokens

that's alot of $CPOO....

Promo Video

We spent countless man hours and tens of thousands of dollars to bring you this cinematic masterpiece of a promo video. (Sundance Film Festival application pending).


CPOO Media

Utilize our content for your meme'ing pleasure.

CPOO Media

Utilize our logos and media for your memeing pleasure.

CPOO Memes

A little inspiration never hurt.

CPOO Memes

A little inspiration never hurt.

About Cockapoo

What's so great about $CPOO, you ask?

Allow us to explain.

Cockapoo Token is launching soon and aiming to forever change the meme-coin industry. With illegitimate projects saturating the industry, $CPOO plans to prove that the most efficient path to profitability is through a utilitarian approach; aimed at generating long-term, widespread profits to our holders and community.
By earning the trust and confidence of our community, we believe we will deter pump-and-dump investors while promoting a long-term investment strategy to generate continuous growth and returns.
Through developments such as a mobile app and NFT platform, we plan to create not only an honest and fair project, but one with real world utility as well.

Learn more about what makes Cockapoo unique.

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