The first ever P2P platform for dog waste removal. Dedicated to cleaning up cities, dog parks & more.

The first crypto project of its kind.

Proprietary Mobile Application

$CPOO is the primary currency of the Cockapoo app, making it the first cryptocurrency to fully breakthrough the pet-industry.

P2P Crypto-commerce

Our mobile application will be the first ever platform to facilitate P2P crypto payments for dog waste removal and other pet freelance activities.

Environmental Missions

Our project and company will promote, facilitate, and subsidize proper dog waste disposal- creating cleaner environments around the world.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application will serve as a socialized-hub for all things pet related; dog waste removal, pet freelance, doggie playdates and more- all powered by $CPOO. 

Our mission

Our mission is to help eliminate dog waste and make the world a cleaner place. By increasing dog waste disposal by 1%, we can remove over 40,000 TONS of waste from the environment each year.


Up to 30% of bacteria found in watersheds is attributable to dog waste.


Up to 50% of airborne bacteria is attributable to dog waste.


Dogs are the 3rd leading contributor of bacteria in contaminated waters.


America’s 83 million pet dogs produce 10.6 MILLION tons of poop every year.


Cockapoo Token has a 12% fee on every transaction, see where the $CPOO goes.


LP Allocation

We ensure that our project maintains financial integrity via LP allocations, creating tangible, underlying value.



We use 5% of our fee to stimulate economic activity in our mobile application, increasing trading volume and holder rewards.


Static Rewards

We promote long-term investment strategies by rewarding holders with 2% redistributions on every transaction.



Supply and demand isn’t just a highschool vocab word- we use this principal to create token scarcity and increase value.

How to invest

$CPOO can be bought using Trust Wallet (Mobile) or MetaMask (Browser). Click Learn more for detailed, step-by-step guides.

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