by Cockapoo

Creating dog-centric ecosystems and communities, one scoop at a time.

The must have app for any dog owner.


Directly contribute to your local dog park for cleanup efforts and equipment upgrades.


Tag poop spots in need of cleaning. Leave a tip for whoever does the scooping.

Submit Your Park

Apply for your park to be the next recipient of a charitable contribution from Cockapoo!

Freelance Activites

Send P2P payments for dog-walking, sitting, training, waste removal and more.

Doggie Playdates

Find and schedule playdates with similar dog breeds and play styles. We call it "Doggie Tinder."


Meet dog-owners in your local community and schedule events such as group cleanups and playdates!

Our Vision

We plan for our mobile application to form communities of people passionate about their pets, while building dog-centric ecosystems around them.


The application will allow community members to send payments to other members and professionals for waste removal, dog walking, sitting, training and more.


We hope for our application to act as a centralized hub for all things dog-related, while also making a positive impact on local communities by directing portions of profits to fund cleanup efforts and equipment upgrades.


At its core, the app is designed to form and strengthen communities who care about the integrity of their local dog parks. 

Official Teaser Video

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